Introduce of Phong Son Pte from


The pottery kilns specialize in producing jar, pot (for household potteries) for containing water, sold, rice, sugar, pickled cabbage and eggplant. Those normal products are very useful which serve for people lifestyles as decorative covering pots for the fine arts inside. Phong Son pottery jar and pot Co-op which located along Dong Nai riverside – former name of “Phong Son Private Enterprise”.

When visiting to workshop of “Phong Son Pottery” you will be surprised with their changes by their deeply research, study, creation of “covering products” as normal jams, pots through their natural black-brown clay into newly-made products of high artistic feature which forming “Dong Nai Black Clay”. It’s very spectacular to use black clay pottery for home interior, garden, palace, mausoleums and public places…

Pottery fine arts are selected by many kinds of different pottery materials of each domestic region, area. After a long time of being kept, mixed and grinded carefully, finished-clay products are brought to potters who will beat, slap, knead, shape and glue by their hands (99% Made by hand). All pottery products are slapped by wooden anvil, hammer which looks simple with potters but difficult with us. Those are typical features of “Dong Nai Black Clay”.